Conditions Treated

Here at City Therapy, we treat a wide range of issues!

We have an extensive list of common conditions and injuries that we have successfully treated over the years. If you have located your physiological issue on this website, you can be assured that we can, in some way help. If you suffer from anything that isn’t on this list, please contact us to discuss the matter with one of our therapists. No two people suffer from the same condition, injury or illness in the exact same way. Everyone has a unique set of symptoms, we target those symptoms for relief, but look for the route cause and offer the body change with the intention that the symptoms do not return.

This list is not exhaustive, and you may have some condition that you might like to ask us about personally. Please do contact us or call for a free consultation. We will be honest with you if we feel your problems are beyond our remit.

From head to toe, we have seen thousands of satisfied and now-improved clients. Our reputation relies on our success.

Head and Neck

TMJ dysfunction
Altered bite in the jaw
Neck pain
Locked facet joints
Vocal performance
Inner ear balance

Arms & Shoulders

Postural shoulder dysfunctions
Thoracic Outlet
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder ligament damage
Shoulder impingement
Reduced range of movement in the shoulder
Rotator Cuff tear
RSI wrist forearm and elbow
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow


Bulging disks
Dowagers hump
Limited Thoracic rotation
Breathing difficulties


Abdominal pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Pre menstrual pain
Core activation
Breathing difficulties
Psoas and Diaphragm release


Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Imbalanced pelvis
Sacro-Iliac Dysfunction
Hip Flexor tightness
Illiotibial band syndrome
Piriformis Syndrome
Lower Back pain


Groin tears
Hamstring and Quadricep tears
Dead leg
Patella pain
Shin pain/Shin Splints
Calf pain
Achilles pain/ tears
Varicose veins
Acquired leg length discrepency


Runners Knee
Bow legged and knock knees
Menicus tears
Knee ligament damage and rehab

Ankles & Feet

Ankle instability/weakness
Ankle ligament damage
Plantar fasciitis
Fallen arches
Pronated feet
Supinated feet
Everted feet
Unrepaired old ankle injuries