Fitness Coaching


60 min – £40.00
90 min – £50.00
120 min – £60.00

City Therapy is now offering Fitness coaching! Another form of injury prevention and treatment.

Over the years, a lot of our clients have asked us about exercise and ways to either lose some weight, improve performance, or just release some stress from our daily lives. After taking into consideration the high number of requests for that, we have now started running Fitness coaching sessions for one to one, or group training.

Our fitness phylosophy contains of a lot of movement based exercises, based on letting go of any stress or limitations, and just allowing your body to be itself, via movement. As a specialist in rehabilitation and injury treatment and prevention, we have directed our fitness coaching sessions towards helping people uncover the true potential of their bodies. The best thing about it all, is that all you need is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt! No fancy equipment, or even shoes needed.

Our Fitness Coach, Brad will be leading the sessions and he will guide and help you. The sessions will comprise of a lot of bodyweight, movement and mobilisation exercises with a huge emphasis on core strength and stamina development and increasing body awareness.

The first Fitness coaching session will comprise of a thorough consultation with Brad, where he will be asking you about your fitness goals, any past or present injury history, etc.. After Brad has gathered all the necessary information, you will commence the exercises training.

These sessions will focus on teaching you exercise, rather than just showing you them.

Call us on 0161 235 5306 for more details, or use the link below to book!