Massage Therapies Pricing
Cranio Sacral Therapy60 minutes – £55.00
Full Body Sports Massage60 minutes – £55.00
Full Body Sports Massage90 minutes – £75.00
Swedish Massage60 minutes – £55.00
Swedish Massage90 minutes – £75.00
Remedial Deep Tissue Massage60 minutes – £55.00
Remedial Deep Tissue Massage90 minutes – £75.00
Myofascial Release / Sports Therapy Pricing
40 minutes Treatment£45.00
60 minutes Treatment£55.00
90 minutes Treatment£75.00
Breathwork Session Pricing
90 minutes Session£75.00
Internal Family Systems Pricing
Per Session – 60 minutes£60.00
Sound Therapy
First Session£45.00
Further Session£55.00
The Following are all available
Gift Vouchers
Home Visits can sometimes be arranged in special circumstances
Place of Work Visits can be arranged