Neil Davis

Neil Davis

Neil is a Sports Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sound Therapist.
He holds a Masters Degree in Athletic Conditioning and Exercise Rehabilitation and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Prescription and Management.

Neil is also currently undertaking his Masters Diploma in Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy and has further studied; Advanced Myofascial Release, Medical Acupuncture, Vocal Massage, Acupressure, Kinesiology Taping and Athletic Taping.
As a firm believer in continual education Neil has also developed and delivered courses at Universities, Health and Fitness Institutes and Sport Clubs in New Zealand, Latvia and the UK covering; Sports Training, Remedial Physical Activity, Athletic Injuries & Biomechanics, Exercise Prescription & Testing and Personal Training and currently teaches for UK’s premier Sport Therapy School; Active Heath Group.

Neil was born in South Africa to a former Team GB Trampolinest and naturally grew up playing numerous sports at representative level while developing an affinity for sports performance and being exposed to the need for a holistic outlook on health, nutrition and fitness. His passion for Sports Performance further developed when he emigrated to New Zealand to study and work which led to 9 years hands on experience working in a variety of roles as a; Sport Scientist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Medic and Exercise Rehabilitation.

Neil trained as a Sound Therapist in Spain with the founding members of the International Association of Sound Therapy; Nestor Kornblum and Michel Averard, and holds a Diploma in Sound Therapy and Overtone Singing (IAST).
He has a deep understanding of the power and healing nature of sound vibrations.
His intuitive knowledge of when to offer the right sound at the right time with the right intention and purpose to effect change on physical, mental, emotional, energetic levels stems from working professionally with sound around the world for over 17 years.

Whether its helping relieve pain and rebalance body and mind from the stresses of daily life and its activities, he sees that working holistically and as a team towards a common outcome is the optimal avenue to achieving success.